Program Management practices focussed on delivering strageic outcomes and to achieve operational excellence.

Program Management has matured into an enterprise level management system that bridges the gap from executive strategy to tactical implementation. Program management plays a significant role in ensuring that all projects meet operational, cost, budget, and time-related goals.

In a complex business scenario, effective program management can help control and manage cross-dependencies across multiple project implementations. GSG has customized development methodologies, best practices and assessment programs for targeted and sustainable results.

GSG capabilities elevate the project management office (PMO) in providing business value in line with the corporate goals and strategy. PMO’s are effective and have greater impact when they are operating at a strategic, enterprise levels. Operating at the enterprise-level delivers benefits in the following ways:

  • Focus on delivery of the key initiatives to achieve critical business goals and objectives
  • Facilitate portfolio management and successful project execution through best practices
  • Support project and program delivery, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Measure project and program success through comprehensive delivery measurement framework
  • Establish Continuously improving program management maturity