What can the cloud do for your organization? How do you define cloud and how is it different from what you are doing today? What applications are a good fit for cloud solutions and does cloud impact infrastructure and application architectures? GSG's Cloud team can help organizations define a cloud strategy and roadmap for business and technology transformation.

We bring a deep understanding of what is possible when legacy systems and cloud solutions coexist, and we have a clear vision of the digital future toward which this hybrid world is leading us. We combine those insights with our industry knowledge to drive innovation and transform complex environments into high-performance engines.

Whether your need is incremental or revolutionary, we can help your executive team develop a cloud strategy based on our traditional strengths of security, reliability, compliance and integration.

We bring a disciplined, systematic approach to your cloud project, driving consistency across all cloud suppliers while giving you a single point of contact and accountability. We also bring objectivity to vendor selection, leveraging our experience to identify the right suppliers for your needs.

To fully realize the benefits of cloud, we follow following approach to identify applications best suited for cloud, define the cloud computing services to best meet your business needs, and implement the right cloud computing model effectively.

  • Cloud Suitability: Identify and prioritize business and IT applications for cloud adoption.
  • Cloud Strategy and Roadmap: Define future-state vision, business case and roadmap to right service portfolio comprising traditional, private cloud, and public cloud services.
  • Readiness: Assess the staffing, technology and IT drivers and readiness for cloud adoption. Review established policies for assessing risk and managing governance.