Transform your data into actionable insights across aspects concerning your customers, products and services.

The business environment today is more dynamic than ever, with mergers and acquisitions, consolidation and regulatory changes. To succeed, an enterprise like yours needs to develop an ability to sense these changes, and thus respond to them quickly and smartly. GSG’s Data Management and Business Intelligence solutions help your enterprise get agile, adaptable and efficient.

Our Business Intelligence approach establishes a framework to address business needs by integrating technology, human capital, and industry best practices to provide incremental business value and sustainability over time.

Our Business Intelligence strategy services help organizations:

  • Clarify and communicate the strategic direction
  • Identify key initiatives and translate strategy into action
  • Determine the appropriate metrics and how they are interrelated
  • Define the analytical pathways by breaking down analysis processes and rebuilding them with best practices

To help clients meet their requirements, the we offer the following services:

  • Strategic Offerings: Business information health assessments, Business case development, Scorecard, MDM Readiness Assessment, Planning and Budgeting, Financial Consolidation , Business Case Modeling and Capacity Planning
  • Tactical Offerings: Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Architecting, Data Mart Consolidation, Warehouse Performance Improvement, Data Exploration, Data Quality Management, Dashboard Management, Metadata Management, Performance Engineering, Services Management and Knowledge Management
  • Operational Offerings: Multi-site Rollout, BI Maintenance and Support , Warehouse Operations Outsourcing, Testing Management, Migration/Upgrade and Change Management
  • Our value measurement framework is based on quantifying benefits under agility (responsiveness of enterprise), adaptability (change impact management) and efficiency (optimization of quality-cost-time) dimensions and measurements across business, technology and infrastructure perspectives.